Mohammad Eftekhari MBA CEO CanCity Capital
Mohammad Eftekhari, MBA

CEO & President

Mr.Eftekhari  has been working in the Investment Banking, Capital Markets and Corporate Banking for about 14 years. He is an expert in Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Markets Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Mohammad started his career in 2007 as an investment banking and financial analyst at BSI bank. In 2012, he continued working as a director focusing on strategic planning, communicating on behalf of the company with shareholders, maintaining awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities and industry developments. He was also a consultant for the couple of European banks, advising the board of directors regarding investment opportunities and business expansion. He joined CIBC in 2016, responsible for giving financial and investment advice for business and individual clients and has been recognized several times for out-performance.

Mohammad has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering, Master of Business Administration, and currently, he is a CFA candidate.